What Is A Smile? Our #1 Reason To Get Out Of Bed

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We made this short film in answer to the question… “What does the world need that our talents can provide?”



Genuine smiles that come from the heart.

It’s why we get out of bed.

True Sport smile
a St John WA smile


Short Films Explained

A short film is a cinematic work that is significantly shorter in duration than a feature-length film.


There is no strict rule defining the exact length of a short film, and it is generally considered to be a film with a runtime of less than 40 minutes. Some definitions allow for shorter durations, often ranging from a few minutes to half an hour.

Short films can encompass a wide variety of genres, styles, and subject matter, much like their longer counterparts. The key to short films is they must convey a complete story, idea, or concept within the constraints of their limited runtime.

Some common characteristics of short films include:

  1. Conciseness: Short films often focus on a single, well-defined idea or theme and aim to tell a compelling story or deliver a message within a limited time frame.

  2. Creativity: Short films are known for their innovative and experimental storytelling techniques, as filmmakers often use the format to explore unique visual and narrative approaches.

  3. Compact storytelling: Due to their brevity, short films typically require efficient storytelling, often with a clear and engaging beginning, middle, and end.

  4. Exploration of themes: Short films can tackle a wide range of themes, from personal emotions and relationships to social issues, in a concentrated form.

  5. Platform for emerging talent: Short films are often used as a stepping stone for emerging filmmakers, allowing them to showcase their skills and creativity before taking on larger projects.

Short films can be seen on online platforms, at film festivals, and even on television.

They are an important part of the film industry for their ability to experiment, convey powerful messages, and captivate audiences in a relatively brief amount of time.


4-Star Review by a Short Film Critic


A vibrant testament to the magic behind a smile.

Thrilled our story is travelling far and wide helped by a great review from Short Films Matter

We know our work is effective with solid reviews like this.

Viewer Feedback

Our good friends shared these comments after viewing:


This video has a WOW factor. Happy upbeat fast paced narrative.

It’s brilliant… I have watched it many times & find something new each time that I become fascinated & curious about.

A surprising pop up of beautiful happenings with contrasts creating an impulse to watch again!

It is fast moving, multi-faceted & uplifting across the board; it clearly demonstrates a fleeting diversity connecting the power of possibilities within your scope of work highlighting variations.

Again, drawing one in through the narrative with your theme ‘smile’ happily mingling with what can make a difference in our worlds, delivering endorphin releases identifying our feelings of positive wellbeing and greatness.

A call to invite passion with a smile manifested through glorious nature & creative endeavours.

The upbeat nuances create balance across the board noting many subtle contrasts with distinguishable ones. There are pauses that draw attention to the direct messages emerging from these.

We are openly invited to participate in your creation of a multi-faceted world!

I love the questions that you pose to the viewer, they are so engaging & empowering.

Love your work shows how much sparkles so brightly! It is so creatively inspiring!

Diana Kells


Nice work Matt, certainly made me smile! 😊

Lucinda Sims


The video is beautiful. A smile says so much hey. It welcomes, it builds trust, it connects. Well done!

Jennifer Bishop


Awesome short! Love it very much especially the diversity in everything from people to industry!

Great job guys!

Peter Lai


OMG I love this!

Cristina Londono


Great video, really enjoyed it. A great showcase of the amazing work Matt and the team do, top class!

Janine Paynter


Love the video Matt! 

Sharin de Silva


I love it!  It made me smile 😊.

Congratulations on your beautiful work.

Pip White


Absolutely f*%king BRILLIANT! 

Well done gang.

Lou Corteen


Gorgeous! Love it  😊

Steph Pelham


Gorgeous video! It made smile remembering how much fun our photoshoot was. It’s easy to smile when Matt is on the other side of the camera!

Belle Lyons


Your video is just lovely. It challenges us to think about what is important, and it comes down to a smile! How beautiful and heart-warming, and oh! so easy to do. 

Mary-Ann Oliver

I just watched What Is A Smile which was absolutely beautiful and so heart-warming. I think Sum Effect should be doing our WA Tourism campaign as your photography makes everything so appealing. 

Susy Vaughan 

This is gorgeous! Love it 😊

Michelle Tickle

Thank you for sharing this beautiful video! This video gives a nice flavour of your work. it reminded me of our shoot, how much fun it was, how much I smiled and felt like a superstar! 🙂

Sabina Ibrahimbegovic

We hope you like it too. Let us know.

View here.

Smiles from WAMMCO

Short Film Credits

A Sum Effect Production

Co-Directors // Kate Ellen Campbell, Matt Reed

Writer // Kate Ellen Campbell

Producer /// Lisa Reed

Video Editor & Voice Over // Kate Ellen Campbell

Camera // Matt Reed, Henry Whitehead, Shaun Atherstone, Sam Hesketh, Aaron Gaiger, Kate Ellen Campbell

Sound Designer // Haresh Chandra

Colourist // Matt Reed

Title Design // Kim Wood

Archival footage provided by Sum Effect

Special thanks to our wonderful clients

♫ “Voyage” by ANBR on Artlist


1. Renowned pipa performer 連珮如 Peiju Lien from Taiwan

2. True Sport WA

3. St John WA

4. Lateral Aspect // WAMMCO International