For exceptional results, we have an exceptional team.

At Sum Effect, we’re just as proud of the way our team works together as our work itself.

Coming from a wide range of backgrounds our team harmonises to produce incredible images, product videos and branded films that show your business in its best light.

Matt Reed

Commercial Photographer & Filmmaker

For 18+ years, Matt has been developing a skillset that allows him to be thrown into the unknown and find strong images. He is creative, intuitive, quickly grasps new ideas, adapts, thinks laterally, and can roll on the fly. He’s happiest when making things with good people. People feel comfortable and relaxed around him. Our humble leader. #superproductive

Lisa Reed


For 20+ years, Lisa has been deeply involved in businesses big and small. Once was a #businessconsultant. An eternal optimist. A numbers person who invests a whole lot of heart in people too. After a sabbatical, now supporting the talented team at Sum Effect through the high and lows of running a commercial photography & filmmaking business. Smoothing peaks and troughs where possible. Chasing genuine smiles & sharing the love.

Jessica Correia

Production Assistant

From the get-go Jess has hit the ground running, taking on numerous projects. She recently graduated from the University of Notre Dame with a degree in Film and Communications. Where friendliness meets persistence, you get Jess in her purest form. Always working hard from start to finish, to help put together the pieces for your desired project and doing it with a smile. #friendlyworkhorse

Luke Pellegrini 


Graduating from the University of Notre Dame with a degree in Communications
and Media, Luke has a passion for all things creative. His Innate writing and communication abilities mean he is able to convey ideas and articulate points in a way that can be both, practical and artistic, depending on the occasion. His empathy and creativity mean he can write in a way that drives a connection between a person and a story and in a way that feels new and fresh. #creativethinker

Kate Campbell


For 4+ years, since graduating from the WA Screen Academy, Kate has been working as a film editor in Perth. She has worked on advertising and corporate projects, and on short films, both narrative and documentary. Now at Sum Effect, she is shaping final product videos and flexing her creative muscles with narrative projects in branded films. A breath of fresh air, a voice of reason and an old soul with energy to dance. She is a spark of #absolutejoy

Henry Whitehead

Photographer & Filmmaker

For 10+ years, Henry has been heavily involved in photography, filmmaking, and the arts. Humble, highly creative, technically solid. Hen joined us 7 years ago and is Matt’s trusty wingman on cameras. Loved by us and clients for his ingenuity and calm. He is also our resident artist; he went to Art School. He’s got a next level eye for colour and composition and is our go to guy for colour matching. #artmeetsscience

Justine Kiggen

Food, Drink & Product Stylist 

For 20+ years, Justine has been deeply involved in food & drink styling. Her previous roles include working as a food stylist and magazine Food Editor in South Africa. After moving to Perth shores, we welcomed her and her cakes with open arms. An impeccable preparer and has an extensive library of props. She works closely with clients and is central to magicking our creative concepts to life. #bestcakebaker

Cristina Londono

Brand Strategist & Art Director

For 20 years, Cristina has been immersing herself in brands and businesses. Evolving through design and fashion industry roles from Colombia to USA, India and now Perth. She works closely with clients moving them practically from ideas to a brand aligned, creative concept, into a shoot, through to the delivery of final imagery and videos. Her attention to detail, thoughtfulness and hand holding are so appreciated throughout the whole process. #heartcrafted

Kim Wood


For 20+ years, Kim has sweetly finessed new brand identities to life. Engaging deeply to intuit colours, fonts, voice, tone, and imagery style from the strength of her connection with clients. All the way from Sydney to Perth where she now calls home. We use her sharp artistic eye, and pixel perfect graphic design to strengthen deliverables on many client projects. She is our #secretsauce      

Cevrina Reed


We call her the Studio Fairy which is our way of saying ‘magic happens’ when she is around. If you’ve been to Sum Effect Studio you’ll notice the place is spotless, inviting and feels like home … especially to those of us who spend a lot of time here. She notices the milk is out-of-date, the fruit bowl is empty, the chocolate jar is low and there’s no trail mix to get through a studio shoot day. Replenishment happens. #superstar