Marketing Image & Video Library

“Can you turn who we are and what we do into a library of photos and video footage that we can use for marketing?”

We call this a Marketing Image & Video Library.

Often, we get asked for Corporate Photography, Brand Narrative, Documentary-Style, and Journalistic imagery. Our approach is to make a series, suite or library of evergreen images and video footage using a naturalistic style to convey key messages or themes about a brand, product or service.

We create image and video libraries for truckloads of businesses, big and small, product or service and not-for-profit organisations. We have worked with companies in your industry and have 18+ years of expertise in commercial photography.

We’re a Swiss army knife… throw us into the action and we’ll come out with the imagery you need.  Image Libraries are our thing.

All The Layers

A solid image library typically includes photos and video of your people, products, services, culture, workspaces, building interiors & exteriors, projects, equipment, and customer/client experiences.

It’s all the layers of what you do. It’s your visual voice.


Feels Like you

We don’t have a one-style-suits-all. We get to know you and absorb the culture, style and tone of your business and create imagery that feel like you.

Design Friendly

We’ve worked with graphic designers for decades so know how to create design friendly photos.

This means images can be cropped wide for website banners, there’s negative space for text, they suit a wide range of applications in digital and print.

It also means images are simple to digest, communicate clearly and have impact.



Nina’s Jewellery


Australian Table Grapes

Feel Proud, Walk Tall

After more than 5,000 photoshoots, what we’ve seen play out over and over is the imagery we create, and more importantly the way we go about it, engages your team.

They spark up, walk taller and feel proud of what they do.

Creating images for your people can be the most important “marketing” you do. This is what we pay attention to.

Inspiring people to walk taller is our most important project measure. This puts a smile on our dial and is pretty much the only reason we’re still doing what we’re doing.

What it’s like working with Sum Effect

We engaged Sum Effect to help us capture the values and essence of sport and recreation in Western Australia – fun, friendship, giving back, playing fair, being healthy and including everyone. Not an easy task to complete!

But Matt and Henry did it. Their enthusiasm and skills are evident in the resulting images that we received which display all of the aforementioned values and more. These images will form the backbone of our department’s advocacy documents and website and we love the fact that they are instantly recognisable as West Australian locations and people.

Thank you so much for the fantastic work – it far exceeded our expectations.


Advocacy and Communications Department of Sport and Recreation 

…Matt’s energy to organise the shot was impeccable and Henry has a calming patience about him that kept everything on track. Thank you to an amazing team.
We are so happy with the result.

KATIE LEE, Communications, Marketing and Alumni Manager, St Stephen’s School

This is a Marketing Image & Video Library image of a couple sitting in the alfresco area of their Coast Homes residential build.

How Much Does An Image & Video Library Cost?

Our Image Library only projects start from $3,000 +GST for our smallest project, and range through to multi-day projects. 

The annual spend by businesses on an Image & Video Library can range wildly. Many businesses we work with spend from $5K to $300K – or more each year on images alone. 


How Many Photos Do I Get In An Image Library?

The total number of images depend on the number of people, size of the location and how photogenic the situations are. 

This style of photoshoot is very different to advertising, studio portrait and product photography where the image is ‘set up’ and shots are taken until we ‘get the shot’.

With Image Library photoshoots, we’re on the go and adapt to situations as they present. We work a scenario or location until we have ‘got the shot’ and move on. 

We take a lot of shots per day. We then shortlist … hard. This ensures there’s no awkward smiles, no stiff posing and no weak images.

Depending on the brief, an Image Library photoshoot day can produce from 10 to 100 quality images. 

Every image we deliver is strong and usable.

This bank of images can remain functional through the years.

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