Branded Films 

In our time creating flashy ads and shiny corporate videos, we’ve consistently noticed the real magic in an organisation is under the surface.

It’s the people stories, where they’ve come from, what lights them up, why they do what they do. The challenges, the successes, overcoming the odds and sticking at it. And without trying, inspiring others along the way.

The people stories are the point of difference. And the point of interest.

Modern Marketing

Branded Films are for businesses courageous enough to share something substantial and meaningful.

Think of them as short stories or business documentaries. Not your typical highly curated corporate message. Something you enjoy watching when you’re not wanting to be advertised to.

Sum Effect filming in a paddock

Honesty & Substance

Branded films more closely resemble the movies we like to watch and the stories we like to share. They are real, they are honest, they are engaging, they are inspiring.

They recognise people who have stepped off the well-worn path, taken a chance, beaten the odds, pursued what brings them joy.

They tell the whole story. The good bits and the tricky bits.

Vastly different to old-school advertising, branded films are not made to directly sell a product in the hope we’ll buy.

Instead, they share insight into a person’s life or business in a way that people can connect with.


Dena Lawrence

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BHP Port Hedland – Those Small Things

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What it’s like working with Sum Effect

Wow Wow to the video – I just love it. The video is absolutely amazing. You have totally captured the brand image of Dena Lawrence rugs exactly. Thank you so much Matt and congratulations also to Kate for her marvellous work on the video editing.”

DENA LAWRENCE, Artist & Designer, Dena Lawrence Rugs

Branded Films Are…

Curious, interesting, educational, insightful, substantial, and honest.

Branded Films Are Not …

Hype, dramatized, artificially profound, over before you know it, too cool for school, promotional, call to action.


Celebrate People

We all know that in any business, situation, project, people are what makes the difference.

Branded films celebrate these people and inspire those who watch their stories.

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