Photography Workshop for Business Teams

Half Day Photography Workshop

$2,550 +GST for up to 10 people
$3,000 +GST for up to 20 people

We teach business teams big and small how-to capture the interesting moments that happen daily at work. Groups of up to 10 or 20. 

Instructor: Matt Reed

Why Do It

We work with brands regularly to build out solid image libraries, but here’s the problem…

Some of the good stuff in your business happens between photoshoots.

Your ability to capture the interesting moments that happen between photoshoots has become important.

That raises a problem – how to skill up your team to get the best possible photo or video using the camera they always have with them… their phones.

Camera phone technology is amazing these days! Much is possible. But you need to know how to work with the limitations and where to point it to make a strong photo. It’s a game of millimetres, it’s very teachable and we can show you

How You Learn

This workshop skips the history, minimises the technical and gets straight to the practical. It’s the stuff we use ourselves daily. 

We teach teams big or small. The more of you, the more of us will be in the workshop to guide you.

The workshop can be run in our studio or at your business location. Coming to you works well because you get to practice taking images in your everyday environment. What you learn though can be used everywhere.

This workshop is not about camera equipment or buttons and dials.

Even if people in your team have a fancy camera, we recommend leaving them at home and just using their phones.

In this workshop we upgrade your way of seeing and give you very practical tips to tune an average photo into a strong one.

We show you things, take photos together, review them, show you more, take more…

At the end of the workshop, we make sure that every photo your team takes from that point on is better.

We also look at what images would be valuable for your marketing. Together we pull together a “Shot List” for you to chip away at when opportunities present themselves.

 You don’t need to be tech savvy, you don’t need to be artistic, you just need to show up and we’ll take care of the rest.


What’s Included

  • Online access to Photography Basics – Composition: Find The Photo. For completion prior to course commencement

  • Half Day Workshop. Attend in Perth, from Monday to Friday

  • 4+ hours of instruction. Bit of theory and mostly practical

What to Bring

  • No fancy cameras. It’s best if everyone brings their phone (iPhone, Android etc) or iPad
  • Bring a note pad. We’ll give you a nifty little one-pager with the gold on it but you may want to make some notes
  • If you’ve been taking photos for a while, bring an open mind as you will learn new things that will improve your eye


Half Day Workshop $2,550 +GST
Up to 10 people

Half Day Workshop $3,000 +GST
Up to 20 people


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