Advice when applying for a photography job

Hi, it’s Matt here and I’ve got some advice for photographers who are applying for photography jobs.

We get 1 to 3 people inquire to work with us each week, and I can tell you the one thing that everyone does. And if nothing else, don’t do this and you’ve got some chance of standing out.

This was actually brought front of mind a few years ago, when we advertised for an Art Director and Stylist position. We collected CV’s and it was fascinating to see, for such a visual position, everyone’s CV’s were pages of words. Each CV had two to three pages of words, words, words, words, words. There were two or three people out of many who put some pictures of their work into their applications.

So that kind of sparked this awareness and made me think about it. Over the years I’ve seen more and photographer applications, and they’re all the same – one to three pages of words applying for a position as a photographer.

I was confused in the beginning, then it got a little frustrating, and it then turned to disbelief. I’m telling you, it’s a huge opportunity… everyone is sending us emails and resumes (which is awesome and a major compliment by the way) of just words.

So, if nothing else, do the opposite of that. Put some pictures in there. You’re a creator, you’re an artist, you’re a photographer. And it’s an open space for you to try something different and stand out.

I’m not why more people are doing it, possibly because people have this preconceived idea what a CV or what a resume should be, and we just fall into that trap. Maybe people are nervous about putting their work out there and it not being good enough, or being judged for it, or it being the wrong type of work. These are all valid reasons and I understand. But there lays a huge opportunity to stand out.

So, if you’re applying for any creative position, particularly in photography, show some work, definitely show some work.

I wish you all the best and success.