A Photographer’s Journey Over 21+ Years To Feel Proud Walk Tall

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Matt Reed has been a commercial photographer since 2009, completing 5,000+ photoshoots for all types of clients big and small.

Throw him into any scenario and he’ll come out with the photos needed.

Along the way, he has felt a growing disconnection with what he was making for clients. In a lot of cases what we were doing he would not choose to buy himself.

A bolt of clarity came on a regional shoot in the middle of nowhere. There’s one photo he took by chance of a genuine bloke called Mark. It changed the course of his life.

Matt now creates imagery that does more than meet a brief. It needs to help the people in front of the camera. We’re big believers in people feeling proud of who they are and their role in this world.

In addition to photos, Matt has wanted to make Branded Films for years.

It Made Sense to Tell Our Own Story


Feel Proud Walk Tall: A Photographer’s Journey is a branded film that tells the story of our very own Matt Reed and his journey to become the photographer and business owner we know today.

It was made with a lot of blood (figurative), sweat and tears (literal) and with the intention to entertain and inform.

What is a Branded Film?

A Branded Film can be a film of any length or format that focuses on heart and truth.


They are films commissioned by a company, organisation, business, or corporation with the intention of capturing stories based in reality.  And are certainly not advertisements.

As a brand, doing this takes courage.

You have to break free from the usual rules of what your product or service has to look like, and how it can be treated. Do something that …

“shifts the corporate video dial”. 

Tony Colley

It’s a legitimate, honest attempt to inform or educate by delving deeper. If you really want to create authentic branded content, this is the way forward.

Still image of Matt Reed with two members of the Nina's Jewellery team in a studio photoshoot. Image for branded film "Feel Proud Walk Tall. A Photographer's Journey".
Still image of Matt Reed behind the scenes in studio photoshoot for "Feel Proud Walk Tall. A Photographer's Journey". Short film of a professional photographer’s pursuit to help others feel proud and walk tall, while trying to find that within himself.

Our Film’s Message

Something we really want to show to you all, is how important sincerity and authenticity is to us.

“A story of highs and lows of very real people who developed a business oozing with integrity.”

Suellen Horgan

We believe that when we are contracted to do a job, it’s to create a piece of media that informs the viewer of who you are. At its core, is the process of baring your mind and your soul to the world and showing them what you do and what you believe in.

This is best harnessed through exploration in the moment. To be present and be real. Letting down the walls of who you think you need to be and what you think people want to hear. Tell us and the world your truth.

When you do this, you build a connection to the audience like no other, like the connection we built with Marion.

“The film was really engaging and moving – especially at the tearful moment! – and that overall it made me, as the viewer, feel closer to you guys personally. Because you were speaking to the camera it felt like you were confiding to the viewer as a close friend – so that was very powerful.”

Marion O’Leary

Still image of Matt Reed behind the scenes flying the DJI Mavic 3 Cine Pro drone. He is clothed in hi-vis and standing on a mining landscape using the controller with the drone in the air and in sight. Image for branded film "Feel Proud Walk Tall. A Photographer's Journey".
Still image of Matt Reed behind the scenes at an animal sanctuary in Port Hedland. He is lying on the ground taking photos with a baby joey kangaroo sitting comfortably on his back. Image for branded film "Feel Proud Walk Tall. A Photographer's Journey".

The Photographer’s Journey Going Forward 


Moving forward, we want to continue making media like this. Not only does it create a more sincere connection with the viewer, it feels good!

It feels so nice to be open and honest, liberating even. To do this we need you. We need you to be authentic, we need you let your walls down and we need you to trust us.

Of course we understand this isn’t always easy for some, who want a mapped out plan that is fixed to their agenda. But if you let us in, we can find the heart and soul of your story.

Share a piece of you with the world, and build a connection with so many others out there that don’t just buy products, but buy into you! People that want to invest their time and money into a person or people that they share commonalities with or find qualities they find endearing.

You don’t have to be the coolest, or the smartest or even the best. You just have to be you. We can do the rest.

We Feel This Is The Future

We’re proud of this 41.39 min film and would love you to see it too. 

We feel this is the future for commercial photography and filmmaking. Making Branded Films. This is how we’d like to help businesses and not-for-profits tell their story.

We hope you like “Feel Proud Walk Tall. A Photographer’s Journey”.

Let us know.

View here.

Poster image of Matt Reed jumping on rocks with camera in hand and seaside scene in background. For branded film "Feel Proud Walk Tall. A Photographer's Journey". Short film of a professional photographer’s pursuit to help others feel proud and walk tall, while trying to find that within himself.

Viewer Feedback


Good friends shared these comments after viewing:

It honestly was one of the best examples I have seen of heart-centred, human, story-telling (in the context of a business or brand). Nailed it and I think there is a potential big market for this…..

Lorelei Campbell

An extraordinary story of love. Just brilliant.

Philippa White

You have made magic. And magic is soo hard to make in both what you create and in building a business and you have done it beautifully and authentically. Thank-you so much for sharing it.

Kammi Rapsey

I’ve wondered what your gift was, and this movie shows it. It’s love. The proper, unbiased, all encompassing type. So well done on what you’ve achieved so far, and with what is waiting for you in the tomorrows to come.

Jennifer Bishop

I was hooked to the very end – thank you. A lovely reminder of your beautiful souls and how the road has been lumpy but you’ve continued to make others smile and feel proud of you and proud to know you.

Jude Mahony

The film is an engaging short story of an interesting person with valuable skills; describing how they came to do what they do, and why they do it.

The audience buys into them and their work. Having made this investment, they have an enthusiasm/inclination/desire/predisposition to buy the product.

From a non-business point of view, my mum found it absolutely remarkable and commented to me that you’re “one in a million”. Without prompting she expressed her hope that those who are likely to engage your services will have a chance to see it. So you clearly have her in your team of cheerleaders too!

Josephine Horgan

In the lobby and first open floor of our corporate head office in Perth we play a generic branded video on loop. It’s full of company faces, dialogue and data. I now realise we missed the opportunity to capture and share the story of our amazing company through our extraordinary people.

Feel Proud Walk Tall style branded videos will be the new standard for the “about us” tab for every company who dares suggest their people are their most valuable asset! 

The corporate video dial has just shifted ….

Tony Colley

Brad and I were inspired! We were humbled by your honesty and completely related to the ‘am I a fraud’ idea with regard to confidence.

Fleur Cassidy

Engaging, insightful, heart-warming and just so wonderfully honest! 
You should most definitely Feel Proud and Walk Tall.

Jacqui Moxham

It was very inspiring for me and it really made me think about how we could do better with more genuine communication. 

Sharin de Silva

What a marvellous expression of you and your team. So proud of you showing all of you to the world. We all benefit from what you share with your presence.

Charmaine Dove

Congratulations on such an inspirational film. So human, sensitive and honest. Such a beautiful process for you over the years. I hope you continue to flourish in your sensational work.

Dena Lawrence

Feel Proud Walk Tall. A Photographer’s Journey Credits

A Sum Effect Production

Director // Matt Reed

Producer // Lisa Reed

Editor // Kate Ellen Campbell

Camera // Matt Reed, Kate Ellen Campbell, Henry Whitehead

Sound Designer // Haresh Chandra

Colourist // Dmitriy Bas

Title Design // Kim Wood at 485 Design

Archival footage provided by Sum Effect

Order of Appearance: Matt Reed, Kate Ellen Campbell, Haresh Chandra, Lisa Reed, Yoshitaka ‘Sanshi’ Saegusa, Henry Whitehead, Jasmin Bernhagen, Cristina Londono, Justine Kiggen, Cevrina Reed

Special thanks to our wonderful clients


Music in order of Appearance, courtesy of Artlist.io:

“SYNERGY” composed by TURPAK

“CAFE DA MANHA” composed by Lus Allieres

“BETWEEN US” composed by Veaceslav Draganov

“ENDLESS SAVANNA” composed by Ikoliks; Remix Instrumental performed by Matt Reed; Remix arranged by Haresh Chandra

“DON’T CHEAT” composed by The David Roy Collective; Remix Instrumental performed by Matt Reed; Remix arranged by Haresh Chandra

“FIRST SUNRISE” composed by Ardie Son

“DRINKS ON ME” composed by Rex Banner

“FIELDS OF FAITH” composed by Noam Zaguri

“STRANGE CONNECTION” composed by Nobou

“INBORN” composed by Piotr Hummel


“ME” composed by Fjodor

“VOYAGE” composed by ANBR

“TRUE SELF” composed by ARYEH


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Small Business Development Corporation

City of Cockburn


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