Perth Product Photography 

Perth Product Photography started in 2009 and became part of Sum Effect in 2021. 

After years of photographing thousands of products, we’ve deep experience, technical knowledge, ability, and enthusiasm to tackle any photography brief and situation presented.

We work closely with Marketing Teams, Creative Agencies and Business Owners.

Product Photography

Our origins

This story started in 2002. Matt Reed began photographing products for his own retail business. Photos to allow expansion into the online world of ecommerce. 

Matt worked on product photography intimately with a passionate global audience for 7 years. He banked golden learnings about what product photos needed to show, and how they needed to look & feel. 

By 2009, Matt was more excited about ‘product photography’ than running a retail and ecommerce business. He sold his ownership and transitioned into Perth Product Photography. 

Now 21+ years later

For some wonderful reason, as a team we still really dig product photography!

Perhaps because it satisfies the 50% technical geek, 50% artist in us.

It has been a joy to create powerful product photos that work wonders in business marketing.

We’ve been up for any challenge, and any excuse to dig deep into our technical knowledge to create the right look, the right lighting, the right images of products.

All sort of products from beauty, cosmetics, to gourmet food, speciality drinks, wine bottles, fashion, homewares, linen & textiles, furniture, garden aids, musical instruments, technology and industrial.


We are based in Sydney and ship our goods over – there is no need to be there as they communicate clearly, and they genuinely want to achieve the best possible outcome for us… a godsend – their work is so consistent.  Absolutely love them, it’s so nice knowing that this part of my business is reliable.

Renee Kirby, Ark Swimwear

Dynamic & Diligent Team

From the start, Matt built a team at Perth Product Photography that was made up of a diverse group of people.

People with extensive business backgrounds, photographers, art directors, food and product stylists and image editors. 

A team only too happy to offer advice about image strategy, creative concepts, background, surfaces, props or any other aspect of product photography that goes into creating the perfect shot.

We made it our business from day one to understand what it takes to truly make your business successful.

Products In Their Best Light

Every product has a story to tell about its origin, quality, and craftsmanship. 

Since 2009, our product photos and videos have helped tell that story for 650+ Australian businesses, across more than 3,000+ product-specific photoshoots. 

We’ve made images of products on white, products creatively styled, lifestyle with talent, campaign and lookbooks. 

We’ve also created products videos that explain, show how-to use, and launch a new product range.  

Perth Product Photography led the way in product photography and ecommerce photography from a Perth-base for clients across Australia.

It’s now 2023, and there’s an abundance of good product photographers around.

We’re valued for our ability to deliver the trickiest product photography and video briefs, when the stakes are high. 


Obsession with Perfection

At Perth Product Photography, for years we’ve obsessed over the smallest details.

It’s part of the way we do things – because we’ve seen the results that come from this approach time and time again.

What Makes A Great Product Photo

Play Video

This video from 2014 shows product photographer Matt Reed talking about what makes a great photo, how powerful it can be for your marketing and why we do what we do. 

Matt also shares how he got into product photography and the services Perth Product Photography provided to clients around Australia.

While Perth Product Photography is no more, our product photography and video philosophy remain the same. 

We’ll be doing this for some time yet, only now as Sum Effect.

What a great team – fantastic communication and premium service.

Krysta Ryan, General Manager of Marketing & Sales, Nina’s Jewellery