Food Photography

Photos that tempt tastebuds


Is there anything more enticing than pictures of perfectly prepared food?

Our delicious photos will get your customers’ mouths watering before they’ve even ordered.

We take fresh, tempting and tasty photos that are perfect for advertising, menus, restaurant signage and product packaging, all with the quality to ensure that your food gets the attention it deserves. Your food photography session can take place at your business location or in our studio… whichever suits you best.

All images will be supplied in high-resolution (for eye-popping print, brochures, menus and signage) and low-resolution (for speedy loading websites, e-commerce stores, social media and email newsletters).


Useful information & frequently asked questions


The photographs we take for your business are perfect for all your marketing needs. Whether that’s advertising, brochures, catalogues, websites, or business marketing collateral. All images are of the highest quality and completely versatile, so you get maximum return on investment.


What is a high resolution photo?

A high-resolution photo is a larger sized image that is required for sharp, high quality printing. High-resolution photos also have a large file size and are generally too big to email, but look stunning when printed.


What is a low resolution photo?

A low-resolution photo is smaller in size and therefore more suitable for website and email use. The smaller the image, the smaller the file size and therefore the faster your website will load. If you’re using SEO as an online marketing strategy, website speed is an important factor that search engines use to rank website pages. We will supply you with both versions of every image we take, so you can use them either online or in high quality print publications, whichever you wish.