4 High-Impact Styles In Beauty and Skincare Photography

You’ve thought of every detail with your product and packaging. Photographers think of every detail involved in capturing the beauty of your products, as they deserve to be shown off.

A range of high-quality photography styles is to best display your beauty and skincare products. Choose from classic ecommerce on-white, elevated ecommerce, creatively styled, and on model imagery.

Product photography sessions are managed and directed in either in a fully equipped studio or at your business location.

Most photographers can also help you source suitable models to provide your images with that final professional edge.

All images are supplied in high-resolution for eye-popping print, brochures, catalogues and signage, and low-resolution for speedy loading websites, ecommerce stores, social media and email newsletters.

Powerful Imagery Styles

1. Classic Ecommerce

A classic ecommerce product photo for main use on product page in an online store, also in print collateral and socials.

These product images are delivered in Deep Etched Pure White Background and Transparent Background.

They’re essential images for online stores. Giving customers the clearest view of all the intricate details. No distractions, 100% pure detail.

This classic ecommerce product image for Kirra, is part of our Beauty & Skincare Photography service. The product image sits deep etched on a pure white background. We also deliver it on a transparent background. Classic ecommerce imagery is mainly used on a product page in an online store, also print collateral and socials.

2. Elevated Ecommerce

An elevated ecommerce product photo for online shopping carts and socials.

These product images use colour backgrounds, surfaces and lighting, with minimal styling. 

These images give your products an extra bit of oomph online. In a sense, they’re a more believable image of a product now that a lot of classic ecommerce on-white images are made by a computer (rendered).

3. Creatively Styled

Creatively styled product photos use numerous elements including backgrounds, surfaces, lighting, props, ingredients and product contents. 

Great for website banners, sale campaigns, paid ads, brand print collateral and socials.

They can be minimally styled or more complex in styling requirements. We can spend an hour or up to a day on creatively styled images depending on the photography brief. 

A lot of time is taken to create these photos to make sure a sophisticated scene is successful in its communication goals.

4. On Model

On model product photos feature a model’s face, neck, head, or body to give a product context, and often showing the product in use.

Using professional models who are comfortable in front of the camera is productive, and provides a high standard finish

More On Beauty And Skincare Photography

Our Help Hub is a handy resource to explain common words and phrases we use. Our explanations are coupled with example photos to show you exactly what we mean.

It allows us all to use the same language … and projects to roll smoothly from start to end!

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The photographs we take for your business are perfect for all your marketing needs. Whether that’s advertising, brochures, catalogues, websites, or business marketing collateral. All images are of the highest quality and completely versatile, so you get maximum return on investment.


What is a High-Resolution Photo?

A high-resolution photo is a larger sized image that is required for sharp, high-quality printing. High-resolution photos also have a large file size and are generally too big to email, but look stunning when printed.


What is a Low-Resolution Photo?

A low-resolution photo is smaller in size and therefore more suitable for website and email use. The smaller the image, the smaller the file size and therefore the faster your website will load. 

If you’re using SEO as an online marketing strategy, website speed is an important factor that search engines use to rank website pages. We  supply you with both versions of every image we take, so you can use them either online or in high quality print publications, whichever you wish.